The desire to make amazing wines from Napa Valley and the surrounds lands started at a young age growing up above St Helena in Napa valley. 

After leaving the Navy SEAL Teams in late 2012 I had this goal for many years. while visiting family I ran into G.W. Lussier an old friend that had also spent years serving this beautiful country who has moved back to Napa Valley and was also making his own incredible wines. This finally started the drive as a team to begin our journey to produce War Paw. 

We wanted to combine our years of serving our country along with the love we have for her as well as bring to life wines that represent where we grew up together. 


GW lives up in Napa Valley making the wine a I live in San Diego running my other company Half Face Blades, Making knives and other tools. 
Daily striving to honor our fellow service men and woman as well as our beautiful country.